Specifics needed on implementing common mobile solutions


Tough times force economies because there's little choice to do otherwise--but they don't necessarily force smart economies. In fact, smart cost savings requires effective leadership even more than usual, if the goal of the economizing is to find places where self-interested parties can share and so save money with a common solution.

Even in good times intra-agency cooperation in federated departments (let's not even consider inter-departmental cooperation) can be like pulling teeth. Austerity may be an impetus, in other words, but it's hardly sufficient to overcome matters such as separate appropriations from Congress and autonomous internal processes.

This is no new insight, but sometimes the public emphasis skips the second part or elides how to implement sharing in places where institutional obstacles and inertia are against it.

This is particularly relevant to mobile computing, since it's still new enough that agency components really could buy and institute common solutions. Already evidence has accumulated that they're not doing so, that the mere impending reality of smaller budgets isn't having a desired effect.

"If it were easy it would have already been done," is the phrase uttered oftentimes at this point, when the desire for a good idea crashes against questions of its implementation. Well, yeah--but that's not satisfactory, either. The problem is well defined; the moment to act is on us. The need for defined solutions is now. - Dave