Six things government needs to know about mobile in 2013


The  Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies within the General Services Administration tells readers via its Mobile Gov blog to be aware of six basic technology and policy developments when implementing mobile strategies in 2013.

They are:

  • APIs;
  • open content management;
  • mobile first;
  • mobile app vs. mobile web;
  • mobile web/responsive design, web apps & native apps;
  • mobile platforms.

Application programming interfaces – or APIs – aren't new, of course, but a push by the Office of Management and Budget to have agencies adopt them in order to make federal data accessible to widget and app developers dates back mostly to OMB's May 2012 release of the Digital Government Strategy.

Mobile first isn't an OMB policy such as cloud first, or shared first, or future first, but rather an idea that web sites "should first be designed for mobile devices, including only those tasks/items that website visitors use most," GSA says.  

The debate on mobile app vs. mobile web really isn't one, according to the blog post; a 2011 webinar on the subject concluded that agencies should implement both. And in any case, mobile implementation "is not a clear cut decision between mobile web vs. mobile app," the post also says. "Mobile products fall in a continuum between mobile web and native," it adds.

As for 2013, the blog post says to expect more work in the expansion of Consensus Mobile Good Practices on measurement, promotion, data development and other areas.

For more:
- go to the Mobile Gov blog post

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