Shared services requires pooling information and lessons learned, say panelists


The development of shared services requires agencies to pool information and lessons learned, said panelists at a recent ACT-IAC event.

In a panel discussion on Feb. 7, Senior Advisor to the CIO Council Adam Hughes said "the technology has caught up with the will to implement shared services" but agencies don't yet communicate well enough to make full, shared use of the technology.

"We don't have the tools to share information between CIOs. We don't even have good processes in place to have informal information sessions," he added.

Hughes said that developing these processes is a challenge because it is difficult for agencies to find the people with the most pertinent information for problem solving and gather them in a room together.

Gwynne Kostin, General Service Administration's director at the digital services innovation center, said agencies would benefit from an online platform to share ideas and efforts because it would keep multiple agencies from having to repeatedly solve the same problems.

"We don't want to share because we learned it in kindergarten, because it's nice. It actually helps bring products around faster. It helps us to save money and be more efficient," said Kostin.

Jonathan Kraden, counsel for the Senate Homeland and Government Affairs Security Committee, said there is also a need to share reviews and audits, like those done by the Government Accountability Office.

As large and small agencies go through these steps, there needs to be a protection policy in place so they can share and so "they're not just taking what they learn about these challenging issues that we're all facing and internalizing it," Kraden said.

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