Sequestration cuts: $595M to CBP, $396M to TSA, $295M to ICE


More than half a billion dollars will come out of the Customs and Border Protection budget between now and Sept. 30 due to sequestration.

President Obama ordered the cuts into action March 1 as sequestration went into effect. In the breakdown (.pdf) the White House provided to Congress, $512 million of CBP's $595 million in sequestration cuts fall under a category simply called "Customs and Border Protection"; the subcategory by that name in the president's fiscal 2013 budget request included salaries and expenses.

The Transportation Security Administration's cuts from sequestration for the remainder of the fiscal year amount to nearly $400 million. The bulk of the cuts hit aviation security, the budget of which will fall $276 million for the period between now and Sept. 30.

The sections of TSA's budget for federal air marshals and transportation security support each face cuts of about $50 million. The latter includes policy development, acquisitions, information technology, intelligence, human resources and legal counsel.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement faces nearly $300 million in cuts, but the White House offered little detail about how the agency would distribute those cuts, except that automation modernization would lose $1 million. ICE has already released hundreds of immigrant detainees to prepare for the cuts.

For more:
- download the OMB Report to the Congress on the Joint Committee Sequestration for Fiscal Year 2013 (.pdf)

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