Senate appropriators vote $10.23B for CBP


Customs and Border Protection would get slightly less under the Senate Appropriations Committee markup up of the annual Homeland Security Department spending bill than under the House of Representatives approved version.

Senate appropriators voted Sept. 7 on their version for the fiscal 2012 DHS spending bill, which would include $10.23 billion in direct appropriations for CBP--as opposed to the House, which voted on June 2 to for the amount of $10.34 billion. Fiscal 2011 ends on Sept. 30.

The largest difference between the two chambers lies in the Border Security Fencing, Infrastructure and Technology budget line, which the Senate would fund at $400 million and the House at $510 million--although both amounts are below the White House request of $527.62 million. 

Senate appropriators, in the report accompanying the spending bill, write that DHS already has more than $440 million in unobligated balances for the account. They also criticize DHS for failing in two attempts to deploy border security technologies--the department canceled the most recent attempt, SBInet, in January.

Also among the areas of disagreement is salaries and expenses, for which the House gave the slightly higher amount of $8.77 billion, as opposed to $8.76 billion under the Senate Appropriations Committee markup. House appropriators write in their report that their amount is $556.89 million more than the fiscal 2011 amount, an increase chiefly due to pay raises and significant staffing increases.

The Senate version would ensure that 21,370 Border Patrol agents are employed throughout fiscal 2012, says the Senate report.

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