Rule change sets time DoD contractors have to request information release


Defense Department contractors must now submit requests to release fundamental research from a project 10 days before doing so, an addition to the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement says.

The DFARS says a DoD contractor can't release to anyone outside its own organization any unclassified information pertaining to the contract or the program related to the contract unless the information was already in the public domain or a request for approval is granted. Requests for approval should identify the specific DoD information to be released, the medium to be used and the purpose for the release.

The change regarding fundamental research was previously published as part of a proposed rule proposed in 2011 having to with safeguarding unclassified DoD Information. Under the previously proposed rule, contractors would have had 45 days to submit the request before the information is to be released.

Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy separated this part of the rule from the original proposed rule because the changes to the DFARS clause concerns fundamental research while the proposed rule dealt mostly with the safeguarding of information.

Contractors don't need to submit a waiver request if the information is required as part of an official Defense Contract Audit Agency audit, by the DoD inspector general as part of pending or on-going investigations or by a congressional Justice Department subpoena, the rule says.

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