Roy: Big data reveals gaps in standards and federal human capital


The advent of big data has revealed gaps in technology standards and the federal government's ability to take advantage of it, said Donna Roy, executive director of the information sharing environment office within the Homeland Security Department.

"The biggest gap at the federal level is in the recruiting and in the business case around staffing up the human support cadre," Roy said while speaking Dec. 13 at a morning AFCEA-Bethesda event.

DHS, she noted, lacks data scientists at the headquarters level.

Roy also decried a lack of standards in commercial products around business rule portability and entity resolution.

"What we're doing is we're propagating really good work, and then we're making someone else do the same work in receiving it, because we don't have the standards to understand how we share the knowledge, the higher-level understanding, and our data."

Roy also touted the National Information Exchange Model, a transactional data exchange framework that's been increasingly adopted by federal, state and local agencies.

"Those of you who know me know I am a tenacious, fierce advocate for NIEM," she said.

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