Ozone Widget Framework on GitHub

Web-based widget framework released under Apache license version 2.0

The Ozone Widget Framework, a National Security Agency-developed framework for widget development is available on GitHub under version 2.0 of the Apache license.

The Defense Department was under a year-end congressional deadline to release the code as open source; its developers describe it in the ReadMe as "basically a glorified web portal engine, with the unusual characteristic that the content within the portal (i.e. the widgets) is decentralized."

Google Groups associated with the framework, previously invitation-only, are now public – there is one for users, for developers, and for announcements. The code is also available on Forge.mil, the Defense Information Systems Agency's SourceForge clone.  

The GitHub-hosted OWF is version 7 of the framework, although the software is set to undergo a major refactoring over the next 6 months, a process that Defense officials have said will be conducted openly.

"If people want to see the nightly snapshots, that'll be available. We're getting out of the business of doing all the work behind closed doors and putting out quarterly releases," said Dan Risacher, associate director for enterprise services and integration in the DoD office of the chief information officer shortly before DoD released the code.

Developers from outside the government can contribute code via a pull request through GitHub.

The ReadMe also promises that a search engine for OWF widgets – essentially an apps store – will likewise be released as open source sometime in 2013. Federal agencies can access now the store via owfgoss.org.  

An Army-developed touch screen interface, as well as a redesigned interface "particularly suited to tablet devices" could also be incorporated into the OWF core.

For more:
- go to the GitHub page for the Ozone platform
- download OWF release notes (.pdf)
- go to owfgoss.org

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