OPM retirement backlog drops 57 percent in 2012


Federal retirement claims in the Office of Personnel Management's backlog fell by 57 percent from January 2012 to December 2012, according to the latest figures released by the agency.

According to new figures (.pdf) posted Jan. 7, OPM's backlog dropped to 26,402 in December, down from 61,108 claims in January. The agency has about 10 percent fewer claims pending now than it projected, despite processing around 1,000 fewer claims that it had planned.

In December, the agency received the smallest number of claims for any month in 2012, though it typically sees a large influx in claims in January—it received just above 5,000 claims in December 2012 but slightly fewer than 21,500 in January of 2012.

The agency projects that its backlog will be 38,978 claims by the end of January due to an expected filing of 21,000 new claims.

It's still on track to eliminate the decades-long backlog in 2013, which the agency says it wants to finish no later than July. The agency's website says it wants to reach a 2013 goal so that "90 percent of retirees receive their full annuity payments within 60 days of retirement."

OPM says it will modernize its process for paper claims in fiscal 2014. The agency currently administers benefits for roughly 2.5 million federal retirees and projects to receive roughly 100,000 retirement claims each year.

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