OMB: Agencies will shut down 40% of data centers


The Office of Management and Budget has expanded its estimate of data centers agencies will close by the end of fiscal 2015 to 1,200.

In a Dec. 20 blog post, Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel says the increased number - at one point, OMB was aiming to close 1,080 data centers by the end of fiscal 2015 - is a result of his decision to include data centers smaller than 500 square feet in consolidation efforts. OMB says the ultimate goal of data center consolidation is to shut down 40 percent of them.

"As we expand the initiative we are also expanding our goal," he said. Agency inventories of data centers currently stand at 3,133 total, he added.  

VanRoekel has told reporters that data consolidation will save the government $5 billion, although more detailed data on how those savings will be realized hasn't been forthcoming.

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read VanRoekel's Dec. 20 blog post

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