NSTIC set for second round of pilots


The National Institute of Standards and Technology announced earlier this year a new grants opportunity for identity solution pilots under the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, or NSTIC.

Amounts for each 2-year-maximum project funded by the program office will likely range from $1.25 million to $2 million annually, although NIST acknowledges that uncertainty exists over NSTIC's fiscal 2013 budget. Jeremy Grant, senior executive advisor for identity management and head of the NSTIC National Program Office, says that NSTIC could have $12 million available for grant funding this fiscal year.

NSTIC seeks to foster conditions that would permit the wholesale replacement of passwords as an online security mechanism through creation of a standards-based identity ecosystem in which public- or private-sector entities issue identity credentials with user attributes revealed depending on the sensitivity of the transaction. An online provider with no need to know about a particular attribute--such as someone's real name, as opposed to their screen name--wouldn't get that information.

NIST in September 2012 awarded more than $9 million in grant awards to five organizations for NSTIC pilots. Program officials say this newest round is little different from the first other than in a tweaked evaluation criterion meant to make the basis of a grant award clearer. Initial proposals are due to NIST before midnight March 6.

For more:
- go to the NIST webpage for the 2013
- read the 2013 NSTIC announcement of federal funding opportunity (.pdf)

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