NLM seeks social media data mining tool


The National Library of Medicine, the federal institution that is the world's largest biomedical library, wants to mine social media for tweets or posts that mention it.

In a Feb. 11 solicitation, the library says its wants software that would canvas Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news sites, discussion boards, video and image sharing sites – "with full respect for privacy rights of those who created the social media entries" – for things such as the relative frequency NLM resources get mentioned.

The tool would also let NLM identify "urgent information requests" to which it could respond to and track the effect of topical health issues to use of NLM resources.

NLM says it also wants to use the software to track through tweets and other comments on matters such as citations of papers available from NLM bibliometric or full-text databases, and assess the "information-seeking behavior of clinicians and scientists."

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