NIEM 3.0 on schedule for fall release, say architecture committee members


A beta release of the third version of the National Information Exchange Model should be ready by this summer with release candidates complete by this August or September, said Andrew Owen, NIEM technical architecture committee co-chair, while speaking Feb. 15 during an online meeting of NIEM stakeholders.

NIEM is a set of standardized XML schemas built on a core of commonly defined data components, and is used as a data exchange method by federal, state and local governments. Its governance model minimizes top-down mandates in favor of permitting communities of interest to control for themselves standards for non-overlapping data components. Existing NIEM communities of interest include maritime, law enforcement, and infrastructure protection. Work on the third version of NIEM began in July 2012. Its program management office resides within the Homeland Security Department.

Among the changes that NIEM 3.0 will incorporate are intelligence community security markings. The new version, set for a final release this fall, will also "better accommodate local terminology and acronyms," Owen said.

"Until 3.0 there were some rules and practices that weren't as welcoming to local terminology and acronyms, and we're making that a much easier thing to do," Owen said.

Also slated for release with NIEM 3.0 is a new unified modeling language profile for NIEM, Owens said. There is a UML profile aligned with version 2.1 of NIEM, but it will be updated--along with an approach for keeping NIEM and the UML profile constantly synchronized as future versions of NIEM are developed, he added.

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