Navy delays NGEN decision to May


The Navy says it will now likely make a decision about its Next Generation Enterprise Network acquisition in May rather than by Feb. 12, as previously announced.

A terse announcement on a Navy e-commerce website adds little additional information; in a press release (.pdf),  Navy spokesman Ed Austin says the delay is "due to the complexities of the NGEN requirements."

The government operating under a 6 month continuing resolution and the possibility of sequestration were not the causes of the delay, Austin says, adding "it is unclear how they might impact the NGEN award schedule in the future."

This delay is the latest in a series experienced by the NGEN program, an estimated $4.5 billion, 5-year acquisition for the management of Navy land-based networks and information technology. At one point, the Navy planned to have awarded NGEN for enterprise and transport services by no later than December 2012.  

NGEN will replace the Continuity-Of-Service Contract, the federal government's largest network management program, serving more than 900,000 users. COSC--a $5.5 billion extension of the $10 billion Navy Marine Corps Intranet contract the Navy Department signed with the company now known as HP Enterprise Services in 2010--runs out of options on April 30, 2014.

The Government Accountability Office in September warned that the Navy may not be able to fully set up NGEN before the COSC contract runs out of options in April 2014.

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