NARA: 85 ways to say CUI


The federal government has 85 different authorized ways to mark data that require some protection but falls below the level of classified, says the National Archives and Records Administration.

They vary from copyright to "tax convention." The government itself has more than 100 different policies for such information across agencies, "leading to a patchwork system that fails to adequately safeguard information requiring protection, and unnecessarily restricts information sharing by creating needless impediments," NARA says in a Nov. 14 release.

President Obama signed on Nov. 4 Executive Order 13556 calling for the consolidation of such markings under the heading of "controlled unclassified information." The order also directed NARA to establish a public registry of authorized CUI categories and subcategories; the 85 markings are markings that NARA says have made the cut, so far.

The registry is a key development, said John Fitzpatrick, director of the National Archives Information Security Oversight Office. "It allows us to better define the universe of information that will retain some form of control, and then to rationalize the various rule sets that will apply to that information," he said. 

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- go to the NARA CUI registry

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