Manual notification might satisfy security system integration, says Coast Guard


Possible ways that regulated ports could satisfy a requirement that they integrate security systems with compatible Coast Guard systems might include an annual exercise in which port operators prove they can notify the service within 15 minutes of a transportation security incident.

A 2010 Coast Guard reauthorization law (P.L. 111-281) mandated that operators integrate security systems "to the maximum extent possible" with the Coast Guard and state law enforcement agencies. A Feb. 1 Federal Register proposed rule lists an annual exercise combined with manual notification as one of four alternatives under consideration as a means of satisfying the mandate.

Another possibility includes an annual exercise that demonstrates the ability to provide automated alerts to the Coast Guard and state law enforcement agencies.

Or, the Coast Guard could require operators to make security data streams such as video feeds and alarms available to it, or have operators "incorporate a technological solution that integrates their electronic surveillance and communications systems with compatible systems," the proposed rule states.

The proposed rule asks for comments on the feasibility, cost and benefits of each preliminary alternative.

The proposed rule also addresses the 2010 law's requirement that regulated port operators share facility vulnerability assessments with port authorities and state or local law enforcement agencies, with possibilities including operators making the current FVA available on request, or proactively providing a copy, possibly via secure electronic transfer.

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