Leaked documents show Information Sharing Environment budget of $25M


The Information Sharing Environment within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has an annual budget of around $25 million, shows a budget document leaked by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

The top secret document, obtained by the Washington Post, is the fiscal 2013 budget request for the intelligence community; the Post posted two (.pdf) selections from it, stating that it withheld some information "after consultation with U.S. officials who expressed concerns about the risk to intelligence sources and methods."

The existence of ISE is hardly a secret, but its budget has been, albeit at the level of secret with no foreign distribution. The budget request shows the ODNI asking for $25.88 million in appropriations for the ISE during the current fiscal year, up from $23.04 million in fiscal 2012 appropriations and $21.75 in fiscal 2011.

About half the annual ISE budget is distributed as grants to recipients such as state and regional fusion centers, a knowledgeable source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said--adding that the $25 million figure is the correct current year dollar amount.

The ISE is funded from the Community Management Account, about 10 percent of which is dedicated to enterprise information technology, including the ISE; the fiscal 2013 request was for $168.4 million. The budget document shows the ODNI office of the chief information officer, also a CMA expenditure, requesting $142.51 million for fiscal 2013, after having received $73.79 million in fiscal 2012 and $175.8 million in fiscal 2011.

The total CMA request for fiscal 2013 was $1.67 billion, down from the $1.87 billion the ODNI received for the account in fiscal 2012 and the $2.063 billion it got in fiscal 2011.

The overall intelligence community fiscal 2013 request was $52.6 billion. The Post says the justification also shows that the CIA and the National Security Agency have begun aggressive efforts "to steal information or sabotage enemy systems, embracing what the budget refers to as 'offensive cyber operations.'"

For more:
- download intelligence community fiscal 2013 budget justification budget exhibits individual classified as SECRET/NOFORN on pages labeled TOP SECRET//SI/TK//NOFORN (.pdf)
- read selected pages from the fiscal 2013 budget justification summary labeled TOP SECRET//SI/TK//NOFORN on washingtonpost.com

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