IT and program management grow closer at DoD


The Defense Department's chief information officer and deputy chief management officer will be sharing an even closer relationship as they try to tie technology and management together. Terry Halvorsen, DoD's acting CIO, said he and DCMO David Tillotson are going to be seamless in their approach.

"We will be united in almost everything we do," Halvorsen said June 11 at AFCEA NOVA's Naval IT Day in Vienna, Va.

"When one of us speaks, we'll be speaking for the other office at the same time," he later added.

Halvorsen said this close relationship between IT and management will be critical to finding efficiencies, because a lot of the savings realized from the CIO's perspective will actually be due to process improvements.

One management technique Halvorsen plans to implement is what he's calling "business-based scorecards."

During internal meetings with the services, Halvorsen will be sharing the current range in prices used departmentwide for things like data center costs.

"Now, that's a hard one to get to, but it's what we have to do. And we have some good numbers on that," said Halvorsen.

There are also a variety of enterprise licenses used across DoD, he said.  

"In some cases it may not make sense for us to go with one enterprise license, but we ought to know that. And we've got to share those costs and the performance we're getting at our internal meetings and then bring that externally," said Halvorsen.

Eventually, DoD should be able to tell industry, the specific pricing and performance factors it wants based on such internal baselining exercises, he said.

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