Huge federal job increases on the way


The federal government is about to increase the size of its workforce, and that includes more employees for information technology jobs. In the wake of the huge stimulus package to jumpstart the economy, plenty of new positions are being created by 2010. The agencies that will benefit include the Defense, Commerce, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs departments.

Among the biggest winners:

> Defense civilian staff will jump by 19,000 positions, most of them coming from converting 14,000 contractor jobs to federal employment, according to 2010 budget documents released this week by the White House that must be approved by Congress.

> The Department of Homeland Security will get about 7,000 more employees, including more than 1,200 new employees at Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

> The VA is planning to increase its staff by about 9,800, including new hires to process claims faster.

As the details of the growing federal workforce emerge, it's clear that technology will play a large part of it to help government deliver services efficiently and with the least amount of extra cost.

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