Fugate: FEMA trailers probably won't be necessary for Hurricane Sandy victims


Rental housing should be abundant enough that the Federal Emergency Management Agency won't have to provide trailers to victims of Hurricane Sandy, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate said Nov. 1.

In a press call with reporters, Fugate said FEMA is working to get people in need of shelter into hotels and motels and also assessing who will need longer-term rental assistance.

FEMA had already sent out more than $1 million for those programs as of Oct. 31. Those aren't just approved funds, Fugate said--FEMA has already provided them.

Fugate said he had also been in touch with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which has begun to assess needs for interim housing for residents of public housing, especially in Lower Manhattan.

The federal government has also coordinated assistance from utility crews from as far away as California. Transportation Department aircraft will fly some teams and equipment to the East Coast to expedite their arrival, Fugate said.

Additionally, 252 generators from the Army Corps of Engineers had reached hospitals, nursing homes and other large facilities as of Oct. 31, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told reporters.

Hundreds more were en route at that time, she added.

Fugate said the federal government has not yet decided whether to adjust the affected states' cost-share requirements. FEMA can recommend to the president adjustments in extraordinary circumstances.

The cost-share takes the form of a reimbursement from FEMA after the fact. No assessment of total damages from Hurricane Sandy has taken place yet.

For more:
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