requirement stripped from conference fiscal 2013 defense authorization


A Senate proposal that would have required the Defense Department to make use of as a software code repository and development environment died during conference negotiations between the House and Senate.

The compromise fiscal 2013 national defense authorization bill unveiled by conferees Dec. 18 excludes language from the Senate version that would have required the use of a repository for all software code owned by the government or to which it has use rights and an official designation of DoD collaborative software development environments, "such as managed by the Defense Information Systems Agency."

A joint conference statement (.pdf) notes the Senate version required many specific software-related actions, and says the final version "provides latitude to the DoD."   

DISA launched with fanfare in 2009 in the hopes that it would become the de facto military source code repository and open source software collaboration environment, but it's actual usage has fallen below expectations, according to many outside of DISA.

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download the conference bill (.pdf)
download the conference statement (.pdf)

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