FierceGovernmentIT FOIAs OMB TechStat meeting info for 2011 and 2012


The Office of Management and Budget has considerably slowed down the pace of its TechStat reviews of agency information technology programs.

OMB held only five TechStat meetings in 2011, and as of September, six in 2012, documents obtained by FierceGovernmentIT through a Freedom of Information Act request (.pdf) show.

We've made it a point to FOIA OMB for TechStat meeting information documents; results from earlier rounds are here and here.

The reason we use the Freedom of Information Act to is that OMB loudly and nosily touted TechStat meetings when the agency came up with the idea of holding OMB-led hour-long, structured reviews of agency IT programs. But, it did nothing apart from carefully scripted publicity efforts to give any sense of the meetings, their frequency, their subjects, or their results. OMB wants to have it both ways--gain credit for its oversight prowess while revealing almost nothing about that oversight. As we've had the chance to note before, this is particularly ironic coming from an administration pledged to transparency and open government.

In the table below, there's a list of OMB-led TechStat meetings held in 2011 and 2012 and the agency systems reviewed during them. The link in the "Date" column goes to a table with further detail, including the names of required and optional attendees. Although we were provided with names and emails (the latter of which we're not printing) from which to deduce the agency affiliation of attendees, we had to add for ourselves individuals' titles. We did our best to research the title that individuals held at the time of the meeting. We haven't been able to determine everyone's title, particularly those of OMB personnel. If you spot mistakes or can fill in the blanks, please email us, we'll gladly update.





Jan 31, 2011


DOD High Priority Projects Review

March 7, 2011

DoD / Air Force

Expeditionary Combat Support System

April 20, 2011

DoD / Air Force

Follow up on Integrated Personnel and Pay System & Expeditionary Combat Support System

Nov. 1, 2011



Nov. 15, 2011


Conservation Delivery Streamlining Initiative

March 28, 2012


Not named

April 5, 2012


Follow up on National Flood Insurance Program Information Technology System

April 30, 2012


Securing better business arrangmenets on IT software

June 1, 2012


Human Resources End-to-End Solution

June 5, 2012


Next Generation Management System

June 29, 2012


Reclamation Mission Support System


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