FierceGovernment grows


What the federal government does is a function of how it does it; a change in policy merely announced is policy still unimplemented.

Yet, most media coverage of the federal government centers around policy battles, as if implementation were an afterthought.

We've tried at the FierceMarkets government publications to delve as deeply as we can into matters of execution--operations, budgets, workforce, regulations, metrics and outcomes, while not ignoring the larger policy context. Covering the innovations and science the government creates as a result of its unparalleled scientific apparatus has also been a priority.

We've not been afraid of using Freedom of Information Act requests to get inside data. We've also delivered news in a compact format--eschewing reproduction of substance-free remarks from public affairs shops or others in order to concentrate on the heart of any matter.   

And now, we're going to expand our coverage in FierceGovernment, both in frequency and in breadth. Starting Oct. 15, our plan is to take this weekly publication to four days a week, Monday through Thursday. It'll be a chance for us to cover agencies that we've not given due attention to in FierceGovernmentIT, FierceMobileGovernment or FierceHomelandSecurity, as well as an opportunity to penetrate deeper into topics such as workforce issues.

As we've built up our government coverage, it's been immensely gratifying to hear from government readers that our articles are noticed. And there are more readers than ever; recently we crossed the line of 50,000 subscribers to our (free!) email newsletters and web traffic is robust. (To potential new subscribers: we go to great lengths to keep your information private and never sell or give reader information to advertisers.)

Over the next week, we'll be posting more stories daily on the FierceGovernment website as a ramp up to our newsletter expansion. Writing those stories will be our newest employee, Geoff Whiting, brought onboard to spearhead our growth.

Over the past year-and-a-half, the weekly FierceGovernment has become a combination of quick-paced news, in-depth analysis and information unavailable elsewhere. In the coming months and years, we expect that to continue, simply at a volume equal to the importance of the federal government, the people who work within it, the things they do and how they do it. - Dave