Female and Asian federal workers most positive about their jobs


Women have more positive views than men about working in the federal government and Asian federal workers have the highest job satisfaction scores. Whites, blacks and Hispanics have less positive views, according to analysis in a Feb. 16 Partnership for Public Service report (.pdf). The findings are based on the Office of Personal Management's 2011 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

The gender category findings represent a change from last year's survey results, in which men's scores were more positive than women's. Out of a possible score of 100 points, the average job satisfaction score for women employees in 2011 was 67.1 and for male employees 66.4--a 1 point increase and 1.5 point decrease from 2010, respectively.

The report finds that federal workers' views on diversity vary significantly, spanning a range of 14 points across different ethnic groups.

Asian federal workers in 2011 were the most positive about their agency's support for workplace diversity, giving an average score of 63.2 out of 100 points.

White workers were the next most satisfied group with a score of 61.7. Falling at and below the government's average diversity-satisfaction score of 57.8 were Hispanic workers, with 57.8; black workers, with 56.4; multi-racial workers, with 54.2; and Native American workers, with 49.2.

The satisfaction ratings changed only a little bit year-over-year for three of the groups, but there were major swings in satisfaction among Native American, black and multi-racial workers.

Employees at the Government Accountability Office, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Nuclear Regulatory Commission ranked their agency's support for diversity the highest. While employees at the National Archives and Records Administration, Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Housing and Urban Development ranked their agencies as the worst in terms of support for diversity.

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