Federal IT efforts set for cuts under sequestration


The budgets of federal information technology efforts will be affected by sequestration to a point difficult to assess with precision due in large measure to the rarity of IT funding receiving its own budget line.

Information technology appropriation typically get embedded within larger budget line requests, but some large efforts or IT offices do receive a budget line of their own, and so are visible in the Office of Management and Budget sequestration report (.pdf) the agency sent to Congress on March 1.

For example, the e-government fund managed by the General Services Administration will undergo cuts of 5 percent, an amount equal to $600,000. GSA's Federal Citizen Services Fund is also set to undergo a 5 percent cut that amounts to $1.7 million.

Business system modernization at the Internal Revenue Service--the ongoing project to replace magnetic tape master files for the storage and processing of taxpayer data--is set for an approximately $17 million cut, according to OMB.

The office of the chief information officer at the Homeland Security Department--one of the few CIO shops to have its own budget line--will undergo a $16 million cut. The DHS National Programs and Protection Directorate's Infrastructure Protection and Information Security budget line--about half of which is spent on DHS cybersecurity efforts including US-CERT--is set to undergo a cut slightly more than $91 million.

At the Justice Department, the Justice Information Sharing Technology budget line--a centralized fund controlled by the DOJ CIO that funds departmentwide IT projects and a federal, state and local data sharing effort known as the Law Enforcement Information Sharing Program--is set for an approximately $2 million cut.

For more:
download the OMB Report to the Congress on the Joint Committee Sequestration for Fiscal Year 2013 (.pdf)

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