FBI: new HQ should be big and commuter friendly


The new headquarters building for the FBI will have to house more than 11,000 employees but can't have more than 4,300 parking spaces, so the location will require access to multiple forms of mass transit, said Pat Findlay, the bureau's assistant director of facilities and logistics.

Speaking at a Jan. 17 industry day hosted the General Services Administration, Findlay said that a small number of headquarters' current staff drives to work, and those who do usually carpool. However, the mass-transit proximity requirement may limit the areas where the FBI can move to since it wants 40 to 55 acres of space for its new facility.

Findlay said the bureau is looking to move because renovating the J. Edgar Hoover Building that's served as FBI headquarters since 1975 would cost $850 million and still only have room for 52 percent of its staff. Moving is projected to save a minimum of $44 million annually because the agency would stop renting offices for the remaining 48 percent.

request for information notes all of the items the FBI wants in its new headquarters building but Mack Gaither, a GSA project manager, said not all may make it to construction.

Gaither said it's too soon to determine when the government will issue a request for proposal, but said the agency will continue to make new information available on the project's RFI webpage, including a transcript of some industry day events and presentation copies.

Bill Dowd, GSA's Public Buildings Service acting regional commissioner for the national capital region, said the agency prefers a swapping deal that would exchange the Hoover building for a new one. 

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