Executive action to begin new manufacturing center creation


President Obama will take executive action to launch this year the first three of 15 manufacturing innovation centers proposed during his State of the Union address.

In the President's four-part plan published Feb. 13, it says the three centers will focus on manufacturing technologies that "also address critical national security and energy needs."

In Tuesday's State of the Union, Obama outlined a proposal to invest $1 billion to create a network of 15 manufacturing hubs--previously referred to as the National Network of Manufacturing Innovation--built on public-private partnerships. At a Wednesday speech in Asheville, N.C., the president said the 15 centers will build off the success of an August 2012 pilot program in Youngstown, Ohio, that turned a closed warehouse into a manufacturing lab that works on 3-D printing.

The Ohio plant was financed with $45 million in funding from five agencies, led by the Defense Department.

The plan says that each of the new 15 manufacturing centers will be located in a different region of the country and have a different focus for its research, development and production. The National Science and Technology Council recently set goals and objectives for the proposed manufacturing network.

In the Asheville speech, the president said that these hubs and furthering manufacturing job growth will require good working conditions developed through collaboration between federal, state, and local governments and the private sector.

He was speaking at a former Volvo plant that was shut down and then taken over by Linamar. The president gave credit to local officials offering incentives to take over the plant for getting Linamar to set up shop there.

The plan's other goals include investing in American-made technologies, ending tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas, and improving laws to send American-made goods to more markets.

For more:
- read the four-part plan
- see a transcript of the Asheville speech and the State of the Union

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