DKO goes dark, DoD collaboration tools transition


Defense Knowledge Online went offline May 31, said the Army News Service in a June 3 post. The closure of DKO comes following 14 months of gradual transition to collaboration software hosted through the Defense Information Systems Agency's enterprise services.

Closing DKO was a process, John Hale, chief of enterprise applications for DISA told Army News Service. All of DKO email was migrated to a Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) email client hosted in DISA's private cloud; users moved to a DoD enterprise portal service, a SharePoint application; and an enterprise file service was stood up to provide storage. DISA enterprise services also provide DKO users with a global video system that provides desktop video teleconferencing.

Army Knowledge Online will continue to be available for 2 or 3 more years, reports the Army News Service. Army's transition from AKO to DISA enterprise services will take place over the next few years, with a more specific timeline to be published by September.

Army has been transitioning email users and AKO users to DISA email in a massive enterprise services rollout that includes an enterprise SharePoint implementation, to provide a centralized collaboration environment.

At an October 2012 event, an Army official said the full transition to enterprise SharePoint will happen only once email migration is complete. In July, all Army users--more than 1.3 million--are expected to be on DoD enterprise email.

Army has also centralized 41 Army Professional Forums, according to the Army News Service. These forums have been rolled into milBook, a military-only social media platform similar to Facebook or LinkedIn. MilBook is a component of milSuite, a hub that includes three other DoD collaboration tools--milWiki, milTube and milWire--available behind the DoD firewall.

MilBook already had more than 300,000 users, and 40,000 people each day used Army's 41 professional forums, reports Army News Services.

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