DISA to leverage NSA's big data capabilities for Acropolis


The Defense Information Systems Agency sees big data and analytics as key components to providing cyber situational awareness for the Defense Department's networks, said an official speaking at the Aug. 9 Forecast to Industry at DISA headquarters in Ft. Meade, Md.

"We have lots and lots and lots of good data. We don't have to build data sources as much as we have to harvest the data sources that we have already, said Mark Orndorff, program executive officer for mission assurance and network operations at DISA.

The agency has launched a cyber-analytic cloud environment to support the DoD called Acropolis, said Orndorff.

"We're using it for both net ops, for cyber operations, and cyber defense," he said. "Not attack and exploit, but operations and defense."

Right now there is data flowing into Acropolis, but DISA is looking to develop new techniques that will make that data useful, said Orndorff. Most of the big data capabilities won't come from industry, however, he added.

"We moved up to Ft. Meade for a reason. And part of that reason is to take advantage of the neighborhood. And these guys know how to build analytic clouds down the street," said Orndorff.

"So, we're going to adopt those techniques, technology that NSA has leveraged and built over the years--maybe do some tweaking and adjustments to our specific requirements--but we certainly aren't going to start from scratch as we build out the analytic cloud," said Orndorff. 

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