DISA expands mobile plans


The Defense Information Systems Agency has expanded plans to deploy a mobile device management and mobile application store. The revision indicates that every mobile device within the Defense Department could fall under the oversight of the forthcoming MDM and utilize the app store.

"The solution will be implemented in blocks of 25,000 devices, with the potential for 300,000 devices, which is estimated to cover the current DoD mobile enterprise," says the performance work statement, which Nov. 19 amended (.doc) a solicitation DISA posted in late October.

The initial solicitation said the MDM and app store would be used across a range of DoD environments, and support a minimum of 162,500 devices that could potentially scale to 262,500 devices.

The contract includes the testing and evaluation, and procurement of MDM and app store technology, as well as its installation, training and technical support. The awardee will not be required to certify and accredit the individual apps to be included in the app store, however.

The agency has already made changes to the security and technical requirements in the solicitation as well.

The Nov. 19 update adds a requirement that, upon implementation of the system, the contractor provide updates to all DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process artifacts as changes are made to the solution. This will maintain accuracy of the DIACAP package for the solution, says DISA.

Initially, IPv6 compliance was a goal of the acquisition, but revised PWS says full compliance is no longer required.

"Due to widespread lack of consistent support for IPv6 across mobile OS platforms, the IPv6 requirement in this contract is not applicable for solution components deployed on mobile devices," says DISA.

The IPv6 requirement does, however, apply to any non-mobile components. If these components are not compliant at the time of contract award, the vendor has 12 calendar months to make them compliant, according to the document.

For more:
- download the amendment (.doc)
- read the entire solicitation

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