DISA building out enterprise services cloud


The Defense Information Systems Agency has expanded its enterprise service offerings in the cloud for the Defense Department and has a clear list of near-term capabilities it aims to provide, said an official speaking at the Aug. 9 Forecast to Industry at DISA headquarters in Ft. Meade, Md.

The goal is for the services to not know or care where there capability is housed, said Dave Bennett, director for enterprise information services at DISA.

"We just got to make sure that at the point of use, the capability is consistent, reliable, it works as expected and is performing," he said while providing an update on what enterprise cloud services are complete and incomplete.

Any applications  used broadly outside installations will move to a core datacenter, said Bennett. These central data centers allow the services to scale up or scale down as the requirements that drive them change.

"As the end user or the program manager, they don't have to worry about buying boxes that are going to sit there on the floor unused," the services can ebb and flow with the demand cycle, said Bennett.

One yet-to-be-delivered cloud service, virtual desktop infrastructure, is especially important to DISA's cloud offerings, he said.

"VDI basically will allow me to take data and move all of the computing capability to the backend and get it off the desktop," said Bennett.

"VDI, in my opinion is a huge game changer from an agency perspective because it allows me lots of opportunities to do new and innovative things from how quickly I can turn up a capability, to how I can manage security in the network," he added.

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