DHS proposes $1.25 billion for cybersecurity spending


The proposed Homeland Security Department cybersecurity budget for the coming federal fiscal year amounts to $1.25 billion, show budget documents released today.

DHS over the course of the Obama administration has assumed an increasingly central role in securing federal networks and in urging private sector companies considered to be "critical infrastructure" into better cybersecurity practices.

Under the cybersecurity executive President Obama signed in 2013 (EO 13636), DHS now also has the task of encouraging critical infrastructure firms into adopting the framework of controls released by the National Institute of Standards and Technology in February.

An overview of the DHS fiscal 2015 budget proposal shows DHS planning to spend $8.5 million on a voluntary adoption program.

Other notable elements of the DHS cybersecurity proposal include:

  • $377.7 million for network security deployment, including the EINSTEIN3 Accelerated program. E3A, as it's known, permits security analysts to look at the content of electronic communications going through federal networks, as opposed to just IP packet headers.
  • $143.5 million for the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program. Under the CDM program, DHS oversees agency deployment of real-time diagnostic and mitigation services checking for things such as configuration settings and rogue software. The program has run into difficulty keeping up with its schedule.
  • $173.5 million to support cyber and cyber-enabled investigations carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ICE has an active cyber crime program tackling areas such as economic crime, identity theft, theft of export controlled data, and child exploitation. It often seizes Internet domains associated with cyber crime, sometimes to controversial effect.
  • $67.5 million for cybersecurity and information analysis research and development in the Science and Technology Directorate.

Overall, DHS proposes budget authority amounting to $60.9 billion for fiscal 2015, an amount that would be $263 million more than the current year enacted amount of $60.65 billion.

For more:
- download the DHS fiscal 2015 budget-in-brief (.pdf)

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