DHS faces $3.2B in sequestration cuts


Because of sequestration, the Homeland Security Department will lose about $3.2 billion from its fiscal 2013 budget between now and Sept. 30.

Most of the department's components will receive 5 percent cuts--although since the time frame for the cuts is just the next 7 months, DHS components will likely experience them as greater amounts.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is set to lose $1.13 billion, including $928 million from its disaster relief account. No other DHS component's cuts exceed $1 billion.

Customs and Border Protection's cuts total $595 million, and the Transportation Security Administration's total $397 million. The Coast Guard and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are set to receive cuts of about $295 million each.

In a letter (.pdf) last month to the ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano urged Congress to prevent sequestration. "Sequestration would roll back border security, increase wait times at our Nation's land ports of entry and airports, affect aviation and maritime safety and security, leave critical infrastructure vulnerable to attacks, hamper disaster response time and our Surge Force capabilities, and significantly scale back cyber security infrastructure protections that have been developed in recent years," she wrote.


For more:
- download the OMB Report to the Congress on the Joint Committee Sequestration for Fiscal Year 2013 (.pdf)

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