DHS employees have low confidence in their leaders


Employees of the Homeland Security Department are less satisfied with their jobs and their leaders than other federal employees, more likely to see mission execution as unsuccessful and more likely to disagree that their workplace rewards creativity and innovation.

Overall DHS morale is the lowest of any cabinet department, and in most indices of employee confidence prepared with newly released results of the Office of Personnel Management federal employee annual survey, the lowest even in a list that includes smaller agencies such as the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation and Railroad Retirement Board.

Between about 75,000 and 80,000 DHS employees responded to OPM online survey questions this year. When compared against overall federal responses (some 687,000 federal employees responded to survey questions), DHS survey results show workers have significantly lower positive responses to key questions about their organization. Departmental employees are less likely to agree that their leaders motivate them and less likely to say they have a high level respect for their leaders.

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