Deloitte: Australian government must review spectrum policies


In order for Australia's economy to take full advantage of productivity gains from mobile technology, the Australian government needs to review its spectrum policies, according to a new Deloitte report (.pdf).

The report, commissioned by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association, concludes that more mobile spectrum is required to fuel productivity growth. Deloitte estimates that mobile technologies will result in an estimated productivity benefit to the Australian economy of A$11.8 billion between 2012 and 2025.

Mobile broadband traffic growth is expected to grow strongly. In 2011, Australians collecitvely used an average of 8.8 petabytes per month--but by 2016, it that figure will grow to 119.3 petabytes – a 14 fold increase, Deloitte says.

"Demand for spectrum is increasing," the report notes.

In the meantime, the report states that "to maximise the benefits of mobility in the digital economy, spectrum policy settings must be reviewed and allow for the staged expansion of spectrum resources to mobile broadband."

According to Deloitte, another important area where government action is required is the convergence of communications and media, in which mobile users can access a range of multimedia services using varied devices and network connections.

The report argues that the Australian government must address "existing and emerging problems in the current legal and regulatory framework."

The Australian government did establish an independent "Convergence Review" to examin media ownership laws, content standards, production and distribution of Australian local content, and spectrum allocation, the report notes. The commission submitted its report in March 2012. 

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