Chabinsky: Info sharing not enough for cybersecurity


Mere sharing of cyber threat information is no longer sufficient to achieve robust cybersecurity, said FBI deputy assistant director Steve Chabinsky.

The need for public- and private- sectors to share more information between and amongst themselves has been a topic of increasing urgency in the past few years, but the FBI has concluded that just sharing doesn't achieve better security. Chabinsky spoke May 2 at an event put on by the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

"We ended up throwing a lot of noise into the system and receiving a lot of noise," he said. "It was information that was either not relevant to our mission…or it actually could be relevant information, but the kind we already know."

As a result, the FBI now favors "collaboration" over "information sharing," Chabinsky said, describing the former as "sitting side-by-side and coming up with common approaches, prioritizing what the biggest problems are, figuring out joint solutions, recognizing everybody's authorities…and creating out of that a strategy."

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