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The White House unveiled on Feb. 17--one day after the president sent a letter and proposed bill (.pdf) to Congress outlining his planned government agency reorganization. In mid January, OMB revealed the reorganization and said the consolidated website would serve a proposed new business department.

If the White House plan is approved, six federal agencies, including most of the Commerce Department, would be combined into a single, new business-focused department. 

"BusinessUSA isn't just another website. It's a virtual one stop shop that gives businesses access to the full range of resources they need at every stage of their development," said Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel in a blog post.

The now-live site, which is described as "Beta" under the BusinessUSA header, still has room to improve, he says. In the blog post VanRoekel noted that the site was built with active feedback in mind, and he encouraged visitors to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the site.

In remarks last month, VanRoekel said the administration had been working on the website for "quite a few months now." The site will allow users to profile themselves, and then find services or resources based on those "swim lanes," or the "tracks you may be interested in." VanRoekel said a meta-tagging effort would populate the site's custom interface, which sounds similar to the custom dashboards recently unveiled at VanRoekel's previous workplace, the Federal Communications Commission.

For more:
- see White House blog post
- download the letter and bill (.pdf)

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