British citizen with burning question: How many iPads has the U.K. Department for Transport bought?


In case you wondered, the U.K. Department for Transport bought 57 iPads in the year-long period starting Nov. 24, 2011.

We know so, because a British citizen took advantage of that country's recently-enacted freedom of information act (it came into full effect in 2005) to ask that particular question, and received this Jan. 8 reply (.pdf).

The department's Driving Standards Agency bought 41 of the 57 total for a pilot project testing the feasibility of driving examiners utilizing mobile devices in place of paper forms, the departmental response says.

Other agencies bought iPads for the purpose of "multimedia/audio visual equipment" or "research and development purposes," the response adds.

So now we know.

For more:
- download the U.K. Department for Transport response (.pdf)

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