Audio: VA CIO Roger Baker's November IT report


Veterans Affairs Department Chief Information Officer Roger Baker spoke with reporters Nov. 23 about the department's monthly data breach report (.pdf). Scroll down to the media player to listen to the call in its entirety.

Among the incidents in the report, which covers the period of Oct. 3 through Oct. 30, is one stolen unencrypted laptop. Ever since a massive VA data breach in 2006 caused by a stolen laptop and associated data storage media, the VA has had a policy of disk-encryption for laptops,  but until recently has excepted some laptops running medical applications due to those applications' incompatibility with disk encryption.

However, the VA now says it can reconcile the applications to disk encryption, and so should have every laptop encrypted by February 2012, Baker added.

Also included in the report is the case of an upstate New York daughter of a veteran who accidentally received the discharge papers of another vet. The woman, according to the report, contracted a lawyer who "told her to use this as leverage with placement" of her veteran mother.

"Let us call it a backscratching offer, not a blackmail offer," Baker said, who said that charges aren't being filed against the woman. The discharge information she received likely contains the name, address and social security number of another vet, he added. The report says that although the daughter agreed on Oct. 17 to return the papers, the Albany, N.Y. medical center has not received it as of Oct. 31.


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- download the breach report (.pdf)

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