Audio: Steven VanRoekel urges innovation despite funding crunch


Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel spoke March 3 about the ways government can deliver value despite constrained budgets during the opening keynote of the FOSE conference in Washington, D.C.

Scroll down and click the audio player below to listen to his entire address.

Innovation in government has historically come from increased funding, but now that agencies are dealing with flat budgets it’s important to manage resources strategically, he said. PortfolioStat, which the Office of Management and Budget unveiled March 30, is one of its newest initiatives to manage agency IT investments, he added.

VanRoekel highlighted that OMB has worked to elevate the role of agency CIOs, consolidate data centers and shift federal IT investments to the cloud. His mission going forward, is to continue maximizing return on investment, improving productivity, enhancing government’s interaction with businesses and citizens, and strengthening cybersecurity.

He also said in the coming months OMB will advance open data with a new project on and introduce plans around mobile government.

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