Audio: GSA's industry day for the FBI's Hoover Building


Officials from the General Services Administration and the FBI held an industry day Jan. 17 to discuss options to exchange the FBI's Hoover Building for a new development that would house more of bureau's personnel in a new location.

The agency has submitted a request for information asking for input about the potential value of the Hoover Building and where best the FBI could be served, but Mack Gaither, a project manager for GSA, said that it is too soon for the GSA to determine when it will move to the request for proposal stage.

The Bureau's Pat Findlay noted that staff the FBI wants to house at its headquarters has grown roughly 100 percent since the 9-11 attacks and the Hoover Building wasn't able to accommodate the growth. Even with FBI crime lab services moving out of the building, currently only 52 percent of its headquarter staff have offices there.

Speakers include:

- GSA Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini
- GSA PBS Commissioner Dorothy Robyn
- Pat Findlay, FBI assistant director of facilities and logistics services
- Bill Dowd, a GSA action regional commissioner
- Mack Gaither

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