Army rejects TWIC for online systems


The Army says it no longer trusts Transportation Worker Identification Credential cards issued by the Transportation Security Administration. Starting Jan. 29, Army Surface Deployment and Distribution Command online applications and the Transportation Command's Defense Personal Property System will reject TWIC certificates from private sector users, the service says in a Dec. 10 notice in the Federal Register.

The DoD public key infrastructure office "has not established a trust relationship with Homeland Security/TSA," the notice says. It is signed by Judith Beussink, SDDC deputy chief information officer.  

SDDC began accepting TWIC credentials in October 2011. In reversing that policy, the command offers no explanation beyond a statement that "TWIC does not meet DOD security standards."

In TWIC's place, the Army says users should purchase a certificate from an accredited external certificate authority.

According to TSA, it has enrolled more than 2.1 million individuals into the TWIC program since it became active in fall 2007, and approximately 1.9 million TWIC cards have been activated.

TWIC credentials are valid for 5 years, meaning that the first wave of transportation and maritime sector workers who received them in 2007 have had to renew them this year for the first time. TSA and the Coast Guard announced in June a less-rigorous renewal process for U.S. citizens or nationals with cards that expire on or before Dec. 31, 2014--although those who take advantage of the simpler process have their credential renewed only for 3 years rather than the normal 5.

For more:
- read the Dec. 10 Army Federal Register notice

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