Air Force plans to hire 1,000 cyber warriors starting in fiscal 2014


One thousand new cyber personnel, mostly civilians, will join Air Force Space Command in fiscal 2014, the Defense Department said Jan. 18.

Contingent on DoD budget approval, the additional staff would represent a 15 percent increase over the Air Force's 6,000 cyber professionals currently under Space Command.

Air Force Gen. William Shelton, commander of Space Command, said in DoD's release that if budget restrictions allow the increase, the command will hire the positions over two years, beginning in fiscal 2014, and that 70 percent to 80 percent will be civilians.

Cyber Command is "in the midst of determining how they are going to operate across all the geographic combatant commands as well as internal to the United States," Shelton said, "and it looks like we will be tapped for well over 1,000 additional people into the cyber business, so you can see [cyber] is starting to take root."

However, the general said it is difficult to plan for the future given the uncertainty of the budget process.

"We don't have an appropriations bill for [fiscal 20]13 so we're not sure what the '13 picture is, and here we are over a quarter [of the way] into '13," Shelton said. "That affects planning for the president's budget for '14 and that, in turn, impacts...the '15-and-out budget, which we're in the throes of right now."

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