Agencies to test small business-focused RFP tool


Agencies have the chance to try a new request for proposals tool in a Small Business Administration procurement pilot focused on web-related services from small business.

In a notice published in the Federal Register on Dec. 28, the SBA says that through live tests of the RFP-EZ platform for the purchase of web design and related technology from small businesses at below the simplified acquisition threshold, it hopes to show the tool can lower the hurdle for participation in the federal market.

The pilot will run from Dec. 28, 2012 to May 1, 2013, and will involve the creation of statements of work, small businesses support for making proposals, and proposals evaluation.

The RFP-EZ project team says the platform is aimed at high-growth startups that can dominate some newer web technology sectors. The Portfolio Browser tool in the platform, the team says, will allow agencies to create lists of small business offerings related to the service they need, and provide a historical set of service data and prices to ease the comparison and selection process.

The RFP-EZ application suite is being developed under the Office of Science and Technology Policy's Presidential Innovation Fellows program.

For more:
read the Federal Register notice
- visit the Innovation Fellows' website and the project's website

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