Adobe unveils open source templates that comply with federal Web design standards


Compliance with the new federal Web design standards just got a little bit easier for federal Web managers at agencies that use Adobe's Web content management system.

The company announced Feb. 24 it made available – through an open source GitHub repository – Web design templates that meet draft standards laid out by the U.S. Digital Services and 18F in September 2015.

Those standards advise agencies to make federal websites responsive to a variety of screen sizes and device types. The guide recommends typography and colors pallets that comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which ensures accessibility for people with limited eyesight. It also outlines common user interface components and patterns to provide a more cohesive look and feel across all federal websites.

During a December interview, representatives from USDS and 18F revealed that the teams planned to issue a reusable library of front-end code snippets that can be loaded directly into several Web content management systems. The pair hinted that such standard themes may be incorporated into Drupal or WordPress, but coordination with Adobe was not mentioned at the time.

Adobe's open source package, called Digital Design Templates for Government, enable the construction of responsive, accessible sites, and "18F-compliant theme components, page templates, styles, user-centered design," said the company.

"Working with the USDS and 18F U.S. Web Design Standards has been a fantastic opportunity to see how our digital government tools can create consistent and beautiful user experiences across government websites," said Brian Paget, Adobe's technical director for public sector, in a statement.

For more:
- go to the GitHub repository
- read the Adobe press release

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