2015 Budget Request: Immigration and Customs Enforcement


The budget for Immigration and Customs Enforcement would drop by $255 million to $5.36 billion next fiscal year under the White House budget request.

The agency would achieve most of the savings, about $185 million, by reducing its number of detention beds by 10 percent, from 34,000 to 30,539.

Funding for automation modernization – which includes the troubled TECS modernization – would also fall, from $34.9 million this year to $26 million in 2015.

The deadline to overhaul TECS, the system used to check if people attempting to enter the country are admissible, is supposed to be September 2015. But a Government Accountability Office report released earlier this year cast doubt on ICE's chances to finish the modernization on time.

New funds in the budget request totaling $1.4 million would support detention reform initiatives, including training and outreach to prevent sexual assault and ensure the appropriate use of solitary confinement. DHS finalized a rule in February that would boost oversight and training regarding sexual abuse, and in September, ICE issued a directive (.pdf) calling for restricting solitary confinement to the minimum amount necessary.

A $964,000 request would provide new personnel, the equivalent of six full-time employees, to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests. ICE would be able to eliminate its FOIA backlog with the extra funds, DHS says.

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download the DHS fiscal 2015 budget in brief (.pdf)

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