2015 Budget Request: Defense Department


President Obama's fiscal 2015 budget proposal requests $495.6 billion in base funding for the Defense Department.

That number includes $147.6 billion for the Navy, $137.7 billion for the Air Force and $120.3 billion for the Army.

The proposed base funding would be $4 million less than the fiscal 2014 enacted level, a budget overview (.pdf) shows.

The budget proposal also includes $198.7 billion for operations and maintenance, $135.2 billion for military personnel, $5.4 billion for military construction and $63.5 billion for research, development, testing and evaluation.

For fiscal 2015, the budget recommends a 1 percent raise in basic pay for military personnel. 

"The fiscal 2015 budget seeks to repair the damage caused by the deep spending cuts imposed by sequestration," the Defense Department said in a March 4 statement. "Readiness was most adversely affected and money from the budget act above sequestration levels is earmarked for readiness accounts across the services."

The proposal recommends slowing the growth of housing allowances from 100 percent to 95 percent, and no longer reimbursing for renter's insurance.

It also recommends reducing the direct subsidy provided to military commissaries – where military families can buy low-cost goods – by $1 billion down to $1.4 billion over three years. But no commissaries will be shut down.

For more:
- download the DoD fiscal 2015 budget request overview (.pdf)
- go to the White House budget proposal webpage

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