Michelle Fox, Chief Strategist of Education and Workforce Development, Energy Department


Michelle Fox is the driving force behind the National Training and Education Resource, an open-source training program built by the Energy Department but also made available to other agencies, higher education facilities and even the private sector.

Fox has been responsible for the interagency coordination and use of NTER, defining the program's scope and training methods and broadening its content base through her sweat equity.

One of Fox's accomplishments with NTER has been to move beyond testing vocabulary and reading comprehension to a system that can test practical application of skills and reactions to simulations of real-world environments, such as in the photovoltaic training course for code inspectors.

Fox's hope for the service is to get agencies to stand on each other's shoulders for further development of testing and training applications instead of everyone trying to reinvent the wheel. She led developments in building the operational framework so agencies could develop smaller training simulators without extraordinary costs.

The NTER platform is designed to teach users smaller tasks--such as installing insulation in an attic rather than operating a tank--that wouldn't receive multi-million dollar funding for simulation development.

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