Jean Fox, research psychologist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Labor Department


Jean Fox might work for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but her influence reaches across many agencies. Fox works mentoring feds across the government on something that seems simple, but really isn't: conducting superior surveys that measure user experience. Fox co-chairs the government's User Experience Community and has been an advocate for user experience – the behaviors and attitudes about using a particular product – for a long time.  She is well known in the user experience community and though a veteran in the field, she continues to innovate. She helped the General Services Administration create educational materials on a variety of subjects including the first federal user experience survey back in July. "Fox also has helped me (and many others) understand some of the mysteries and hidden bureaucratic roadblocks that can get in the way of critical user research," one GSA employee says. And Fox has taken extra steps by creating her own webinars so government employees can reference them when creating their own surveys, another GSA employee says. 

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