FierceGovernmentIT's Fierce 15


By Layla Jones, David Perera and Molly Bernhart Walker

FierceGovernmentIT is proud to announce our first annual Fierce 15--a recognition of 15 federal employees who have done particularly innovative things.

Over the course of 4 months FierceGovernmentIT conducted interviews with government officials and industry to identify some of the most innovative projects and forward-thinking people working in government IT. From that pool the editorial staff collaboratively selected this year's Fierce 15.

Most of the civil servants recognized in FierceGovernmentIT's Fierce 15 won't be found keynoting event after event across Washington. Instead, they handle behind-the-scenes orchestration of some of the most progressive projects underway in government and work tirelessly to make government more efficient, service- and mission-oriented, and accountable.

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